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Investing is Simple

Any given day you’ll find a bustle of action in our office.Looking from the exterior, it might seem sometimes unorthodox and unorganized and to me that’s fine. Our walls are covered (actually covered) with white boards, hand drawn images of eyesight boards, our business plans and inspirational quotations.We’ve got a weekly review assembly first thing […]

Flipping the basics

I am frequently asked by folks what they should do to begin.My reply is that people must answer one question and there is no point in getting started with anything if they can not answer that question adequately.The question that all of us have to reply first is “why?”. Do we would like to put […]

Investing the Correct Way

Did you begin exercising at the start of the year with grandiose ideas of losing weight and being totally ripped by summer? Did you give up early because you could not see the effects you desired quickly enough? Better yet, did you look in the mirror at yourself in summer and wished that you had stuck with it when you  began? By now, you would have probably […]

The true Worth of Condo Investors

This is how I work and it is by no means saying that you should do the same. Everybody’s scenario differs, however, always consult with your lawyer because this is what successful investors do. My rule of thumb is regardless of what I might determine to do with a house, I need to buy it affordable and cheap. I can […]