Flipping the basics

I am frequently asked by folks what they should do to begin.

My reply is that people must answer one question and there is no point in getting started with anything if they can not answer that question adequately.

The question that all of us have to reply first is “why?”. Do we would like to put money into real estate?

Sure, we would like to put money into real estate to earn money. But cash is just a means to an end. We should dig deeper. What would that enable us to do? if we could attain our fiscal targets with real estate

OK, I’ll Go.

For me, with investing particularly in apartment buildings my monetary target will be to produce enough income to replace the income from the pizza restaurants I possess that I will eventually have to escape from.

So I feel an awareness of urgency since I understand this will take time.

I LOVE syndicating apartment buildings, and that are a perfect outlet for me. In addition, I view commercial real estate as a fiscal PLATFORM, meaning with continuity and enough time I can assemble long term wealth that I use to make a difference on the planet and can pass on to my kids.

If I am accessible to reach those targets that are fiscal, what would that enable me to do that I now can not do?

Of course I had like to work less and I do not appreciate the action that much. More flexibility and less work would let me spend 3 months in Mexico with my family. I’d additionally like educate and to write more because I actually love that. And I had like in order to support my causes that are nonprofit with cash and more time.

What I Want with Real Estate is LIBERTY!

Liberty to do whatever I am called to do and having the ability to do it without needing to worry about cash.

Once you can say WHY you would like to put money into real estate, you’ve got to ask yourself “how badly do you need it?”.


You can not remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing, and if you do not need it badly enough, you are not going to make it through drawbacks, the postponements, and challenges that you are necessarily confront.

That is good. I then ask you what you have done so far and you say that you have read several sites and novels so far and would like to begin with wholesaling.

Then i ask if you have started advertising and looking for bargains, and you say “not yet” because you have been overly busy with your occupation blah blah blah. Then i begin to challenge your “WHY” because you do not appear that inspired to make a change in your life. The truth is, you really do not mind your occupation that much, and keeping it’s quite a appropriate alternative to you although you say you would like to leave your job. There is actually no compelling reason to alter anything, when you think about it.

At Least that is an Honest Response!

Or it might cause you develop a more convincing response to the question that may propel you into activity and to reflect deeper.

It is essential to answer the question “WHY?” seriously and with much reflection. Only when we can answer this question in a manner that is significant and condemned will we live into our goal instead of simply wandering through life and be able to influence change.

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